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Neon Light Workshop

Neon Light Workshop

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Step into a world of light and color at our Neon LED Workshop at Oh Craft Workshop! Here, you'll have the chance to create a dazzling neon masterpiece that reflects your personal flair.

We provide everything required, so all you need to bring is your creativity. Choose from 8 vibrant colors of our easy-to-use, small rope-type LEDs. These lights are perfect for all skill levels, requiring no soldering and easily connecting to a battery holder.

Our workshop will guide you through the essentials of crafting with neon LEDs, from safe handling to shaping your lights with precision. You'll get to select from different base materials like Acrylic Sheet, Sintra Board, Wire Mesh, or Canvas to mount your neon creation.

In 3 hours, you'll see your idea light up as an A4-sized neon LED display. We're excited to hear you exclaim, "OH CRAFT, I LIT IT UP!"

What you'll get:

  • 1 custom neon LED creation, infused with your personal touch.
  • A range of base materials: Acrylic Sheet, Sintra Board, Wire Mesh, or Canvas.
  • A palette of 8 neon light colors to choose from.

Good for: 1 person, with all materials and tools provided.

Estimated workshop time: 3 hours, suitable for crafters at all levels.

Schedule Note: We will consider the time you chose for the booking but you may also come to the studio anytime before 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends to get the full crafty experience.


Whats your schedule?

We are now changing our workshop schedule.

We have 10am-6pm Tuesday-Thursday. You can start anytime from 10am onwards as long as you can finish it before 6pm.

And we have 2 sessions from 10am-2pm and 3-7pm on Friday to Sunday.

Usually you can finish the tufting part in 3-4 hours and finish the glueing to trimming in 7-8 hours

Where are you located?

We are located at Balay Qubo Marikina City. You can pin Grand Jade Home Marikina City on waze or google maps.

Can we bring our final outcomes home? 

Yes! If you'll be able to finish your rug on time you can take it home with you right after the workshop session. And if not, we can finish it for you and have it picked up or delivered to your doorstep

What if we dont finish our rug on time?

You can extend for additional fee of 250/hr or we can finish it for you for an additional fee of PHP 500. And have it picked up or delivered to your doorstep at your own cost.

Can I bring food or drinks? 

Yes you can bring food and drinks--free of corkage. You can even order from the dozens of restaurants around Marikina and it will be delivered to you during your rug tufting session. Please give us a heads up so we can fetch the delivery for you so that you'll surely enjoy your workshop.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes of course. But take note that the available seats are limited and reserve for the crafters. Theres also a package for 2 that you can book :)

If we miss the class, can we refund? 

We do not do refunds. Please note that we have allotted time, space and an instructor for you and your session. If something goes wrong, please help us out by letting us know in advance so that we can recalibrate. We will be happy to reschedule your session

Can we give a downpayment to reserve?

We require full payment upon reservation as slots are limited. We accept BPI, BDO, Gcash.

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